Monday, July 4, 2011

Tea or Coffee is the most popular comfort food

Comfort foods are those that you are thirsty to return home after a long tiring day, during the late nights when sleep is elusive when you feel like eating all at once and during many times of Countless is unique for each individual. These foods give us a sense of belonging, make us feel "at home" and for some people who do not have their comfort food makes them feel that their day is not complete. 

                         Comforting pushes away negative feelings and generates positive feelings.  

So what type of food can be labeled as a food for comfort? Scientists have done their homework and submitted their results. Although there is nothing called a "tongue-map" in reality shows an area of ​​taste sensitivity to a more distinctive flavor than others. Similarly, can there be an emotional "tongue-map", too? 

 There are foods that can make a person nostalgic, while others make him happy, but some go higher, some lower.  

Comfort food can be almost any food. everything depends on one person - or group or culture itself - to another. A U.S. study found that men were looking for warm, healthy meals and convenience foods such as steak, while the females are opting for more snack related.  

Certainly, one of the most popular comfort foods, who does not know gender or national borders, is tea or coffee. Discoverers of these drinks may not realize, when they found the favorite recipes of the world, just how many people could become addicted to these and once that happened the biggest challenge for a day without a single sip of the favorite theses of their find.  

Coffee and tea can probably say to be "socially accepted addiction." It will be difficult to come across a lover of coffee / tea maker, who spent half the day without a cup and do not complain about how they feel sleepy or how their head hurts. These people must have their imaginary alternative beverages listed above when they wake up when they go to work when they find themselves, when they return home and the list is endless.  

A University student shares his thoughts, "When I rush through assignments all night to submit the next day, a cup of coffee is a life saver." 

Soft drinks like colas are another popular beverage as a food for comfort (or rather, comfort drink!). Although there are some people who avoid these due to the adverse effects on health, it is absolutely essential for fans of pop. These people must have that soft drinks Pepsi, Mirinda or second at every meal and almost every time they feel thirsty.  

 If convenience foods promote happiness, many others can lead to nostalgia. 

It can be argued that food became comfort food through Acquired Taste. Maybe it develops almost consciously, when you "decide" what is your comfort food. Comfort foods such as chocolates lead to obesity. Comforting, literally speaking, should make you feel comfortable and good.

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